June 1,2011, By Paul MarkelTactical Rifles and Coonan Inc. have joined forces to offer a 7.62mm bolt-acton rifle (shown here with a Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x scope mounted) and a .357 Mag 1911 pistol in a unique package that is accurate.

The package deal is not a new concept. For decades manufacturers have been coupling different products together to offer the customer a unique combination. Add to this list of companies Tactical Rifles and Coonan.

The Tactical Rifles Coonan Custom Package couples one of Tactical Rifles’ new Chimera bolt-action 7.62mm rifles with a Coonan, Inc. .357 Mag pistol. The guns are finished identically and offered in one case as a matched set. At this writing they are planning a limited production run of 100 matched sets—in these pages you’ll get the first look at set Number One!