By Niki Jones

“Looking for your first Pistol? This isn’t it.” — Or so says Coonan’s ad campaign, and it intrigued me enough that I contacted Coonan and asked them to send me one for me and the ladies of the Sure Shots to try out, and they happily did.

The Coonan .357 Magnum is a 1911-style stainless steel semiautomatic (Coonan calls it an “automatic” vs. “semiautomatic”; my best guess is they do this to stress that it is NOT a revolver). When I received it and took it out of the case, my first thought upon seeing it was that it looked and felt heavy and clunky, at least in comparison to the guns I am used to shooting. Also, I felt the walnut grip was very nice, but wondered how it would feel while shooting. Speaking of grip, since the caliber of this pistol is .357 Magnum, the magazine must be wide to accommodate for the longer round, and thus the grip must be wide to hold that magazine. So, I was skeptical.

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