.357 Magnum Compensated – Stainless

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.357 Magnum Compensated – Stainless


We integrated our crisp pivoting trigger, linkless barrel and external extractor into the timeless 1911 design delivering accurate, reliable pistols with superior handling and explosive firepower.

The experience of firing a Coonan can’t be explained using words or pictures alone. You’ve never shot anything like a Coonan, and you won’t understand until you do.

All of our pistol frames and slides are made in the USA from 17-4 PH Stainless, machined to the highest tolerances on our in-house CNC equipment. Barrel made from 4340 carbon steel – chrome plated.

Call 763-786-1720 to purchase Duracoat versions of Compensated pistol.

Not available for sale to residents who live in California or Massachusetts (Call with Law Enforcement purchase inquiries)

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  • .357 Magnum
  • Linkless Barrel
  • Recoil Operated
  • Pivoting Trigger
  • Smooth or Textured Mainspring Housing (by SKU)
  • Black Walnut (smooth)
  • Extended Slide Catch and Thumb Lock for One-Hand Operation


  • Magazine (1 or 2) (By SKU)
  • Custom Carry Case
  • Lock
  • 14 lb Calibration Recoil Spring
  • Owner’s Manual

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