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Review: Coonan Compact .357 Mag. Pistol
by Bob Boyd – Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Most guys in college spend their time arguing over girls, the best parties and who pulled off the latest practical joke. Fortunately, Dan Coonan’s recurring higher-education debate pitted his long-term love affair with the 1911 and its chambering against his roommate’s insistence a .357 Mag. revolver was more formidable. Where their differing opinions finally met in a semi-automatic pistol is a fascinating tale of innovation, disappearance and resurrection. Coonan’s pistol combined the battle-tested reliability of the 1911 with the power of the .357 Mag. The company’s Coonan Compact .357 Mag. pistol, boasts the hybrid versatility Coonan devotees expect in a scaled-down version that’s sure to catch the eye of any student of defensive handguns.
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Personal Defense December 2017

VIDEO: Hitting CTS Steel with Coonan’s .357 Magnum Compensated 1911


Coonan says on its website, “The experience of firing a Coonan can’t be explained using words or pictures alone.” Coonan talks the talk, and its .357 Magnum Compensated 1911 walks the walk. With the Compensated model, Coonan integrated its pivoting trigger, linkless barrel and external extractor into the 1911 design. The result? Consistent hits on target.

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Combat Handguns – July/August 2017

Packing .357 Magnum power in an unstoppable 1911-style package
By David Bahde

The effectiveness of the .357 Magnum is all but legendary. Taken within context, one can see why. It was introduced back in 1935, when choices for controllable yet more powerful revolver cartridges were slim…

Shooting the full-sized .357 Magnum Classic was very pleasant. I had a […]

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Concealed Carry Handguns #197

Coonan’s new 1911 carries small but packs a .357 Magnum punch
By David Bahde

THE MIGHTY .357 MAGNUM has been a thing of legend since its introduction in 1935. Able to stop cars with a single round, drop game at 1,000 yards and leave criminals shaking in their boots, the .357 Magnum is surrounded by mythology. Often […]

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Coonan 45 ACP , the Next Generation 1911 Pistol


Mike Searson, Ammoland

December 8, 2016

All in all, we found this to be a mild shooting 1911 with tremendous accuracy potential. We passed it around to some bonafide 1911-haters at the range, but every one of them said some form of, “I don’t usually like 1911s, but I like this one.”

Some firearms are classics and the testament to […]

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Classic Semi-Automatic meets Classic Revolver Caliber in Coonan Compact 1911 in .357 Magnum.



Diane Walls, Women and Guns Magazine, November 1, 2016

All in all, the Coonan is an appealing choice for those shooters that love the .357 mag. cartridge but are semi-auto fans. I have to admit that I’ve never had more fun shooting that powerful and venerable load than I had with this gun. The uniqueness of the concept also appealed to my quirky nature. It’s a gun with a serious “cool factor.”

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Rangehot Coonan .45 ACP Video Review

Rangehot’s Hunter Elliot. Video Review of the Coonan .45 ACP
Coonan has made a name for itself building a unique 1911/Hi-Power hybrid pistol chambered in .357 Magnum but it makes sense they would get into the .45 Auto market. Coonan did not just copy the standard 1911 design and instead kept the same features from the […]

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Gun Carrier Gun Review: Coonan Classic 1911 In .357 Magnum




 Joshua Gillem,, June, 2016

I like big guns and I cannot lie…Big handguns, that is. Seriously, the bigger, more impractical they seem, the better they often are. At least for having fun at the range, anyway. One such handgun, is the Coonan Classic 1911 in .357 Magnum. I first ran into the guys from Coonan back at SHOT Show, 2016. I’d previously heard about this engineering marvel, but never had the chance to hold one in my hand, until I ran into them out at Vegas. I’m glad I did, because the guy I met broke down how it works, Barney style (think big, purple dinosaur).

After filling me with excitement over shooting a rimmed cartridge through a semi-automatic, I begged for them to send me one to test and evaluate. They obliged, and I’m happy they did. I have to say that, while this 1911 is stunning with its stainless steel-everything, I wasn’t all that impressed with the walnut grips. Not at first, anyway. I’m happy to note that they did grow on me, and I think they fit the handgun quite well, all around now that I’ve had it for several months.

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American Rifleman’s Gun of the Week

American Rifleman’s Joseph Kurtenbach runs down the features of the Coonan Compact Pistol.
Designed and developed by gun designer Dan Coonan, and eventually produced by the Minnesota firm bearing his name, the Coonan pistols were chambered for the .357 Mag. cartridge. First the Model A, followed by an upgraded Model B, quickly gained a following for this well-made pistol. The Coonan Compact pistol is a somewhat smaller and easier to carry version of the full-size Coonan Classic. At 39 ozs. and measuring 7.7″x5.4″, it is still a pretty hefty pistol likely to find use more as a sportsman’s gun, or even as a home-defense pistol, than as a concealment piece. Learn more in this NRA Gun of the Week video hosted by Joseph Kurtenbach.

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Magnum Carry. Cover Story in Guns Magazine.

The Coonan .357 Magnum Compact Delivers Extra Performance In A Concealable Package.
John Taffin. Guns Magazine February 2016

The .357 Magnum does not get enough respect! Yes, we certainly have many much more powerful cartridges today, however in my mind this does not diminish the .357 Magnum in any way. It was a superb cartridge when it arrived in 1935 and it still is today.

Back around 1990 as semi-automatics really started to move to first place, there were three .357 Magnum semi-automatics offered. Of these, only the Dan Coonan-designed pistol (which bears his name) was—and still is—the only truly portable and all-day packable .357 Magnum semi-automatic. Today, Coonan offers two, basic 1911-style .357 Magnums: the 5-inch Coonan Classic and our test gun which is the 4-inch-barreled Compact Model. Both versions are offered in several variations and finishes, however our test gun is the standard Commander-sized 1911 .357 Magnum.

No secret to regular readers, most of my shooting heart and soul is captured by sixguns both single actions and double actions. A slightly smaller portion is reserved for traditionally-styled semi-automatics such as the 1911 Government Model and the Browning Hi-Power and only a very small portion is granted to polymer pistols, which I must admit are highly efficient if they don’t stir up traditional emotions in my soul. The Coonan is a traditionally-styled, semi-automatic chambered in one of the all-time great sixgun cartridges, so what’s not to like?

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