The Coonan .357 Magnum Compact Delivers Extra Performance In A Concealable Package.

John Taffin. Guns Magazine February 2016

The .357 Magnum does not get enough respect! Yes, we certainly have many much more powerful cartridges today, however in my mind this does not diminish the .357 Magnum in any way. It was a superb cartridge when it arrived in 1935 and it still is today.

Back around 1990 as semi-automatics really started to move to first place, there were three .357 Magnum semi-automatics offered. Of these, only the Dan Coonan-designed pistol (which bears his name) was—and still is—the only truly portable and all-day packable .357 Magnum semi-automatic. Today, Coonan offers two, basic 1911-style .357 Magnums: the 5-inch Coonan Classic and our test gun which is the 4-inch-barreled Compact Model. Both versions are offered in several variations and finishes, however our test gun is the standard Commander-sized 1911 .357 Magnum.

No secret to regular readers, most of my shooting heart and soul is captured by sixguns both single actions and double actions. A slightly smaller portion is reserved for traditionally-styled semi-automatics such as the 1911 Government Model and the Browning Hi-Power and only a very small portion is granted to polymer pistols, which I must admit are highly efficient if they don’t stir up traditional emotions in my soul. The Coonan is a traditionally-styled, semi-automatic chambered in one of the all-time great sixgun cartridges, so what’s not to like?

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