Rangehot Coonan .45 ACP Video Review

  Rangehot's Hunter Elliot. Video Review of the Coonan .45 ACP Coonan has made a name for itself building a unique 1911/Hi-Power hybrid pistol chambered in .357 Magnum but it makes sense they would get into the .45 Auto market. Coonan did not just copy the standard 1911 [...]

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American Rifleman’s Gun of the Week

American Rifleman’s Joseph Kurtenbach runs down the features of the Coonan Compact Pistol. Designed and developed by gun designer Dan Coonan, and eventually produced by the Minnesota firm bearing his name, the Coonan pistols were chambered for the .357 Mag. cartridge. First the Model A, [...]

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Hickok45, Coonan Video Review

  Shooting Sensation, Hickok45, Makes Some Amazing Shots With A Coonan 1911 .357 Magnum Pistol in this new Video.   With over 1.5 million subscribers and 385 million views, Hickcok45 is one of the most popular celebrities on YouTube. He is also an amazing marksman as you will see will when [...]

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Jerry Miculek Hands on Review of the Coonan .357 Magnum

  Jerry Miculek, dubbed 'The Greatest Shooter of all Time'. His Hands on Review of the Coonan .357 Magnum Miculek is a professional speed and competition shooter known for his 20 world records, appearances on TV; and for starring on his YouTube Channel. Now you can see him and his [...]

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NRA Freestyle celebrity “Colion Noir”. Coonan Video Review.

  NRA Freestyle celebrity "Colion Noir" . Colion Noir, NRA NOIR Commentator This gun simply commands an unbridled level of respect. From a distance it looks like a regular old 1911, but when you feel it in your hands you realize you’re holding something special. It’s bigger and [...]

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GunsAmerica; Coonan Classic .357 Magnum Automatic

  What do you call a giant stainless steel .357 Magnum 1911 pistol? Well, if you listen to Coonan Arms, maker of this righteous beast called the Coonan Classic .357, the answer is that it may be many things, but it is for sure…not your first pistol. The .357 Magnum is considered by many to [...]

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