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Combat Handguns – July/August 2017

Packing .357 Magnum power in an unstoppable 1911-style package
By David Bahde

The effectiveness of the .357 Magnum is all but legendary. Taken within context, one can see why. It was introduced back in 1935, when choices for controllable yet more powerful revolver cartridges were slim…

Shooting the full-sized .357 Magnum Classic was very pleasant. I had a […]

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Concealed Carry Handguns #197

Coonan’s new 1911 carries small but packs a .357 Magnum punch
By David Bahde

THE MIGHTY .357 MAGNUM has been a thing of legend since its introduction in 1935. Able to stop cars with a single round, drop game at 1,000 yards and leave criminals shaking in their boots, the .357 Magnum is surrounded by mythology. Often […]

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