Arizona Response Systems Reviews the Coonan Type III FAL Receiver

//Arizona Response Systems Reviews the Coonan Type III FAL Receiver

Arizona Response Systems Reviews the Coonan Type III FAL Receiver

Coonan Inc., showed me their new Metric Type III receiver at the 2009 SAR show. I received one shortly after the show for testing and evaluation. This review examines the receiver for dimensional correctness, cosmetic appeal, and ease of assembly. I am known in the industry as an incredible nitpicker, but fair. I differentiate between those things that are problems and those things that have no functional relevance but may improve the product. I have no financial interst in Coonan Inc., but as one of the country’s best known FAL builders, I have a general interest in there being high quality receivers availale to my customers, as it makes my job as a custom gunsmith and FAL armorer so much easier.

Dan Coonan has a long history in the firearms manufacturing industy, previously making FAL receivers on the Dan Coonan Industries (DCI) name, for Federal Arms Corp (FAC) and AK receivers for Nodak Spud. See my review of the FAC receiver, also on this website.

The receivers start as a rough casting and are finish machined. When FAC was forced into bankruptcy, DCI lost access to the casting molds. FAC’s sales manager, Harlan Ekre, went on to form NoDak Spud, co-located with DCI, and to sell AK receivers made under the DCI manufacturing license. Nodak Spud then moved into their own facilities and began marking their AK and AR receivers under their own name and manufacturing license.

While the FAL receiver was always on the back burner, the incredible sales volume of AK receivers made it impractical to deal with at the time. When demand for AK recivers slowed a bit in 2009, Dan Coonan was able to give the FAL receiver the attention it needed. As you will see from this review, they did a fine job.


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