Comparing a Coonan .357 Magnum to an old Colt Python may not seem like a logical paring. The Coonan is in production now. The Python is not. And in this specific case, I’m looking at a compact Coonan and a stretched out Python. Clearly it isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. The only similarity is the .357 Magnum round. Every other aspect of the guns is markedly different. At stake here is something much more than the Coonan V Python question; this is the revolver pitted against the automatic.

So let’s delve a bit into the philosophical underpinnings of this article. Odds are, if you’re over 40, the first handgun you shot was a revolver. It is not a universal truth, but shooting skills are taught from generational experience–passed down. And through most of the 20th century, revolvers dominated the civilian market. My father taught me to shoot with an old Iver-Johnson 5 shot .38. Even though I grew up in the age of GLOCK, I was much more familiar with the function of a wheel-gun.

For the generation below me, pistols carry more significance than revolvers. The market is now dominated by slim single stacks that are only marginally more concealable than their plastic framed counterparts. Yet the revolver went through a massive period of decline. Neglect, even. Nothing says “1970s” like a big-bore, large framed, cold blue revolver.

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